DSV, storage facility, Valby

DSV has built a new Smarter Storage warehouse facility in Valby, Copenhagen. The Smarter Storage concept is created with the purpose of making it easier and safe for private customers to store and retrieve their items by allowing access to the storage rooms 19 hours a day using an app on their phones for access.




Valby, Denmark


2019 – 2020




5,505 m²




DSV Real Estate Copenhagen A/S, MOE, Vesterholts Eftf. Aps

DSV Smarter Storage is the fourth DSV-construction PLH Architect have designed. In line with DSV Warsaw, DSV’s headquarters in Hedehusene, Copenhagen and the expansion of the headquarters, the DSV Smarter Storage building has been designed with clear white surfaces, long horizontal lines and rounded corners creating a modern, Nordic expression. Aligning the expression between the different buildings makes it easy for customers to recognise the DSV brand.

A 5.505 m² warehouse hotel

The Smarter Storage building is a warehouse facility with 6 floors and a total of 5.505 m2 storage with spaces of different sizes. The exterior façade of the building from 1st to 5th floor is designed with two different kinds of non-reflective white perforated sinus plates with a perforation pattern and curved corners. This type of facade is chosen to emphasise a varied yet recognizable expression between all the DSV buildings designed by PLH Architects. A ribbon of LED-lights is added to the façade illuminating the building during the dark hours of the day.

The ribbon also illustrates DSV’s business as a global transportation and logistics partner. The building stands out from the surroundings because of the illuminated ribbon on the facades, and furthermore, the building is covered by a sedum roof on the entire roof surface.

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Søren Mølbak
T: +45 2720 0591

"We are very proud that another DSV-building is done and already in use. DSV self-storage
looks exactly as we wanted it to – with its iconic lights twisting around the building to illustrate DSVs purpose of being a global transport and logistics partner”. -
Søren Mølbak, CEO and Partner, PLH Arkitekter