Formålet med vores arbejde er at forbedre livskvalitet gennem identitetsskabende arkitektur. Det kunne være på arbejdet, i hjemmet, i skolen, i byen, i naturen eller på stationen – alle de steder, hvor vi samles i rum eller er brugere af design og arkitektur.

PLH er et dansk arkitektfirma baseret i København. Vi skaber arkitektur verden over inden for områderne domicilbyggeri og workplace design, urbant byggeri, kultur- og læringsbyggerier, infrastruktur, sundhedsbyggeri, butiksbyggeri, boliger og bygherrerådgivning.

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Are you planning on becoming a journalist or working with media and communication? Then we have good news for you. The future Danish School of Media and Journalism, @dmjx, in Copenhagen succeeds in combining consideration for the climate while also delivering on the well-being of its users. A state-of-the-art educational hub, the new DMJX features sustainable solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and minimize energy consumption. Consequently, the building is expected to achieve a DGNB Gold sustainability certification. Furthermore, the well-being of the building's 800 full-time students, 2,000 course participants and 70 employees has played a key role. During the design phase, special emphasis has been put on air quality, acoustics, visual environment and thermal indoor climate. “DMJX is an ambitious project that focuses both on the big picture environmental impact as well as the wants and needs of the people inside the building. These are two fundamental parameters for what PLH Arkitekter designs. By drawing on our expertise, in this project we are able to showcase our core philosophy, namely that consideration for the climate and the individual user not only go and in hand, but are in fact each other's prerequisites in good architecture,” says Anette Grønbæk, Sustainability Manager at PLH Arkitekter. Team: @dl_arkitekter, 5E Byg A/S, INGENIØR’NE A/S #dmjx #architecture #design #architecturelovers #architect #archilovers #building #media #journalism #media #journalismmatters #school #education #sustainability #dkgreen #wellbeing #danishdesign #nordicdesign #scandinaviandesign #danisharchitecture #nordicarchitecture #scandinaviandesign #renderlovers #renderings #visualization #rendering #copenhagen #ørestad #denmark #PLHArkitekter

How can physical architecture influence online shopping and our experience of it? At PLH, we are very honored to announce that we have won SBA Groups international architectural competition to design the innovative Urban Hub in Lithuania. The new 67,000 sqm shopping destination is a breakthrough in e-commerce, turning the way we look at package collection upside down. We are saying goodbye to the traditional parcel shops and warehouses where people only come to pick up online orders, instead opting for a design that offers a vibrant urban environment with showrooms, cafes and inviting green market areas. “We are very honored that our vision has been chosen for this groundbreaking project. When you think of parcel shops or warehouses, these are often located in bland surroundings where you go alone to pick up your parcels. With Urban Hub, the vision has been to create the opposite – a lively and inspiring place where people will want to spend time, stay and experience what the area has to offer. Therefore, we have created a modern, dynamic shopping city with some of the qualities found in older neighborhoods. Walking down the streets you encounter a variety of facades, different building heights, market squares, small nooks and many types of green planting. In this way, each step is a step towards new experiences,” says our Senior Partner Steen Enrico Andersen. According to the plan, construction will start during the first quarter of 2023 and will extend over three different phases, each comprising between 22,000 and 24,000 sqm. #ecommerce #shopping #showroom #commercial #commerce #onlineshopping #architecture #design #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #scandinaviandesign #scandinavianarchitecture #realestate #stockoffice #development #sbaurban #sbagroup #archlovers #archidaily #archdaily #kaunas #urbanhub #lithuania #plharkitekter