Velliv, headquarters, Ballerup

Transformation of office building into a healthy, bright and coherent house


  • Corporate
  • Workplace design


Ballerup, Denmark






7,900 m²



The renovation has transformed a worn-out property into a modern headquarters with an emphasis on light, air and optimized flow. New open connections among the office areas – and especially between the parterre floor, the ground floor and the reception – is one of the design actions, which has created more natural connections between the different spaces thus enabling the employees to move freely across departments

A focal point of the renovation has been to create a better link of the outside and inside areas. The employees can easily walk outside and recharge in the demarcated space - accessible with a key.

The vision for the workplace design was to bring the organisation together by establishing a more coherent workplace where silos have been decomposed and the atmosphere is informal. Velliv wanted an activity-based work environment which is why visibility and accessibility became important elements in the workplace design.

To enhance the effectiveness of the workflow and the collaboration across the entire building Velliv also wished for inspiring facilities connected by natural flow.

The building accommodates approximately 450 employees and 380 workstations and is structured in an open and welcoming manner that allows for agile communication as well as information and knowledge sharing.

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Claus Johannessen
T: +45 2720 0598

By using natural materials like wood and stone, the surfaces have a high acoustic effect in the room - providing a healthy working environment.

The renovated courtyard has raised flower beds with seats implemented in the design. Here the employees can recharge and have informal meetings.