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PLH’ers are architects, workplace designers, interior designers, construction managers, visualization experts, communicators, model builders and highly valued interns. We are many nationalities under one roof, with a truly diverse range of experiences and passions that we bring together in our work. Common to us all is our interest for our clients, design and each other.

When we design, our overarching task is to create structures and frameworks that improve the quality of life for people. An analysis of our client’s needs and challenges is the starting point for creating innovative solutions that shape the future. The span of project types is vast; from cultural and residential buildings to infrastructure and transformation projects and office buildings, in Denmark and abroad. PLH is an ambitions firm. You will be exposed to many architectural disciplines and have great opportunity for professional career development, in collaboration with highly specialized colleagues.

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You are very welcome to to submit an unsolicited application, CV and portfolio (max. 2 MB) to job@plh.dk. We are very interested in hearing what experience, competencies, and qualifications you can bring to our team.

Erfaren konstruktør

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Er du bygningskonstruktør? Vil du være med til at formgive fremtiden – bygning for bygning, rum for rum? Ser du dig selv som ekspert i at projektere og har du sans for detaljen og lysten til at beskrive den? Vil du arbejde som en selvstændig og systematisk teamplayer i en stilling med stort ansvar? Så er det måske lige dig vi står og mangler.

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The culture of PLH

PLH Spirit

At PLH, you will work “with us”, not “for us”. Not only will you work amongst talented and specialised colleagues, but you will experience a friendly collegial atmosphere. The “PLH Spirit” and culture is something very unique and characteristic for our firm. We are one big family working together, respecting and watching out for each other. It is not a practice where colleagues keep cards close to their chest, or elbow each other out . We share our challenges, learn from each other and our open and positive work culture takes much of the credit for the fact that together each day, we create solutions that surpass our clients’ expectations.

A balanced worklife is an important part of our culture. It is our desire to work with the whole of the individual that takes opportunities to be inspired and recharge with family, friends and interests. Our practice recognizes its social responsibility to nurture a good worklife balance. PLH colleagues are engaged in a vast array of social and sporting activities, such as PLH Road (cycling), PLH Running, PLH Fishing, PLH-parties, PLH ski and PLH Christmas events.

”At PLH we are a bit like one big family. There’s always a nice atmosphere and a good tone between employees – and we respect each other.”

– Svenn Gunborg Olsen, CFO

"One of the best things about PLH is the possibility for professional development. I have sought challenges myself, and there has been room for strengthening my professional skills on an ongoing basis. At the same time, PLH is a studio with competences within a wide range of architectural disciplines giving me the opportunity to work on different types of projects. I also have great colleagues in an environment without sharp elbows - creating room and space for knowledge sharing."

– Christian Henriksen, Senior Project Leader

”There is a warm atmosphere in the office and among the colleagues there’s a very special PLH-spirit. People help each other whenever needed. At the same time, I have the liberty to work with the things I find interesting and the opportunity develop my professional skills. At PLH, if you are willing to take the initiative, you have the chance to get influence and shape you own work days.”

- Henning Solfeldt, lighting specialist and designer



Be open, friendly and respectful

For instance: Be interested in one another and ask questions that are not biased.

Welcome diversity – we value tolerance and open-mindedness

For instance: Be mindful of using inclusive language that does not imply ideas that are sexist, racist or otherwise biased or prejudiced.

Always share knowledge

For instance: Be open to helping colleagues and help each other grow professionally.

Aim for world-class standards in everything you do

For instance: Be ambitious with your actions, words and results and aim for genuine relations with your colleagues.

Act helpfully and care for your colleagues

For instance: Invite a colleague for a walk and talk if you see someone needs it.