Are you our new intern? We do hope so!

There are a million great reasons why you should join PLH Arkitekter – here we’ll just give you three:

  • You are special to us: We have made a conscious decision only to admit a handful interns – this way we can tailor your stay to your interests and skills.
  • You are important to us: You will be given lots of responsibility and play a key role in your projects.
  • You are a part of us: We value our studio’s great sense of community, and you will be invited to join social activities, field trips, site visits and more.

PLH Arkitekter is one of Denmark’s biggest independent design studios, and we offer an ambitious and inclusive work environment. We see opportunities to create positive change in every project and believe that sustainable solutions and consideration for the individual user not only goes hand in hand but are in fact each other's prerequisites in good architecture.

You will be an important part of one or more projects, and as a valued intern you always have a say and lots of responsibility while experienced PLH’ers will spar with you and contribute to your professional development.

Already feel like being part of the team? See if we have any vacant positions below.

Need more information? Further down, we have gathered everything you need to know about what we offer, contact information and our tips for a successful application and internship.

Architect Internship

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As an architecture intern at PLH Arkitekter, you will have ample opportunity to combine your creative skills with a wide range of tasks ranging from idea development, sketching to 3D modeling and preparation of presentation materials.

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Architectural Technology and Construction Management Internship

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As an architectural technology and construction management intern at PLH Arkitekter, you will work with advanced project design and planning from the architect's sketch to the finished project material. Your assignments will include everything from construction methods to structural and modelling principles in the building model.

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What does an internship course at PLH Arkitekter look like?

Each semester, we invite 5-7 interns to learn with us. We believe that this limited number ensures the best outcome as it makes us able to tailor each internship and take into account individual interests and skills. As an intern, you will be assigned to a competition team or a designated project team which means, that after saying good morning to your colleagues at our studio, you will spend your workday expanding your skills being involved directly with real-life projects. Your assignments will include everything from construction methods to structural and modelling principles in the building model.

You will have regular follow up meetings with your internship coordinator to track your progress on the learning goals and to ensure that you are thriving at PLH. Every semester, we take the interns on a one-day study trip to take a close look at our buildings or construction sites. Usually, we include a pit stop for lunch or dinner with plenty of time to socialize, because when we know each other, we build on trust, and with trust comes good, efficient collaboration – and it feels good, too!

What is key to a successful application and internship?

We believe that a great internship should be a win-win relationship, meaning that it should be a success for both you and us. To ensure this, our Head of People & Change, Maria Haag, has gathered these tips and tricks that you might find useful before applying.

The goal of your application is to get you an interview
When you send an application, you should include a portfolio, a CV, and a brief cover letter.

  • Proofread everything thoroughly and have someone else look it over if possible. Spelling errors, syntax mistakes, and messy formatting make your material difficult to read.
  • In your portfolio, start with your most impressive work from your most recent semester. 10-12 pages is a good length.
  • Be specific about what you can offer us as a company.

A job interview goes both ways
When you go for an interview, prepare some key points and questions.

  • Be prepared to present your portfolio. You will get extra points if you can explain what you would have done differently in past projects.
  • Be clear about your learning goals and priorities for the internship.
  • Remember to ask questions so you have a good basis for choosing the internship location.

During the internship, learning is your reward
When you are in an internship, you make a real effort. For that, you receive "an acknowledgment", a lot of learning, and a good network.

  • If you are unsure, ask!
  • Stay focused on what you are learning and follow up with your internship supervisor at least once a month.
  • Make sure to get to know as many people as possible. It is the beginning of your professional network and will benefit you in the future.

I have questions! Who should I contact?

If you want to know more about PLH Arkitekter, have a look at our different areas of expertise or dive into our projects, just follow the links. We do of course not want to leave you with questions unanswered, so if there is anything you want to know, feel free to contact us. You can see who you can get in touch with at the bottom of the page.


Timothy Dufke (he/him)

BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management MAK, ICT Leader and Coordinator

T: +45 2844 2650

Christian Henriksen

Head of Business Development

T: +45 2720 0597

Nina Wretlind (she/her)

BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management MAK

T: +45 2646 9976