Hotel, Lyngby

PLH Arkitekter is behind new Comwell hotel with a unique connection to shopping mall




Lyngby, Denmark



PLH Arkitekter has designed a total renovation of the prominent high-rise standing on top of the Lyngby Storcenter shopping mall, transforming it into an iconic hotel that invites the city in for a wealth of experiences. The project will create a unique connection between the center and the hotel, providing attractive opportunities for guests of both. The work is expected to commence in 2024.

The city of Lyngby can look forward to a new, exciting destination when a hotel operated by Comwell opens its doors in the high-rise above Lyngby Storcenter. The vision was to not only create an iconic hotel but also a new synergy between the hotel and the center. By establishing new public facilities such as the hotel's co-working space and an exclusive rooftop restaurant, the project gives back to the city and aligns with the municipality's plans for a Lyngby buzzing with cultural and commercial life.

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A unique synergy

As a new feature, a direct connection to Lyngby Storcenter is established via the restaurant on the 2nd floor. Hotel guests can enjoy the many shops, cafes, and restaurants in the mall, while shoppers can dine with a view of the city or take advantage of other functions and offerings available in the hotel. This includes a new co-working space that, in conjunction with a restaurant and bar, leads out to a large, south-facing terrace.

The wide range of shopping experiences in Lyngby Storcenter includes, among other things, Illums Bolighus' impressive flagship store, which reopened in 2023 after a grand renovation, also designed by PLH Arkitekter.

An architectural landmark

The new hotel will stand as an architectural landmark in Lyngby. Only the internal structure of the high-rise is retained, and therefore, Lyngby's tallest building will have an entirely new expression in the future.

The facade will shine in warm, brownish hues, with vertical elements in lacquered aluminum elegantly dividing the window sections that stretch from floor to ceiling. The result is a friendly, lively play in the facade and a structure that, despite its size, has a light and well-balanced expression. The same colors will adorn parts of the shopping center's facades, adjusted to provide a uniform appearance to the entire building mass.

The curved recess embracing the rooftop restaurant's terrace on the 13th floor will be a remarkable element that immediately catches the eye from a distance. As an architectural feature counteracting the rectangular, vertical elements, it softens the overall form and gives the building a special, organic profile.

The top floor currently serves as the technical floor, but it will now be opened so that everyone can enjoy the view from the city’s highest point.

Reducing impact on climate and environment

The building will be energy-optimized to reduce its climate and environmental impact. Thus, after the renovation, it will comply with contemporary climate requirements. In the renovation, the existing structure is preserved, significantly reducing the need for new materials compared to demolition, resulting in comparably lower CO2 emissions.