Our purpose is to improve the quality of life through design that creates identity. This could be at home, at work, at school, in the city, in nature, at the station – anywhere people gather in the built environment or use objects of design.

PLH Architects is a Danish architectural practice based in Copenhagen. We create architecture worldwide, designing office buildings, cultural buildings, residential buildings and creating workplace design and urban planning solutions, infrastructure, retail and healthcare architecture.

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How do you translate the essence of a company’s brand into architecture and interior design? To answer this question, we’ve had a chat with PLH’s Creative Director Interiors Bine Soelberg about her work on the DFDS headquarters, following its win as Nohrcon’s “Office Building of the Year 2023”: “Throughout this entire project, we worked closely with DFDS, making sure that their culture, values and history informed every single decision we took along the way. From giving each floor a specific color palette and theme, to creating lighting that can suit every mood, and kitchenettes that offer new and exciting dining experiences. DFDS is a global, innovative, open-minded company, that puts customer satisfaction as well as employee wellbeing at the forefront, and our shared goal was to ensure that the design told that story,” says Bine, adding: “I think, the reason why this place works and so many people enjoy showing up here in the morning, is that we’ve managed to create a building full of surprises, attractive destinations and differentiated experiences. You don’t have endless rows of monotone corridors but constant variation, contrasts and environments that bring people together. It’s a human-centered design that feels stimulating, engaging and makes for a brand-new type of workday.” Read more about the DFDS headquarters at our website. Thank you so much to our clients PensionDanmark and @dfdsglobal as well as the construction team @ncc_dk and @swecodenmark @dfdsdk #dfds #headquarters #building #office #officedesign #interiordesign #interiorstyling #interiordesigner #interiorinspiration #companybranding #workplace #workplacedesign #architecture #experiencedesign #kitchenette #archilover #archilovers #architectural #archdaily #architecture_hunter #architecturephotography #architecturephoto #danishdesign #nordicdesign #scandinaviandesign #danisharchitecture #nordicarchitecture #scandinaviandesign #nordhavn #copenhagen

Look around your workplace – which colors do you see and what do they represent? Working with life science company Sivantos, known as one of the world’s biggest players within the hearing aid industry, we translated their corporate identity into a workplace design for their Singapore headquarters. The office was divided into four different hubs, each featuring meeting rooms, a place to eat, a space to relax or work with colleagues and facilities to take or make private calls. Each hub was represented by a color based on the company’s visual identity combined with a design that symbolizes a unique experience with sound. The blue color was used in the reception area to reflect Sivantos’ brand colors, inviting visitors into the company headquarters. The greenery featured in the nature-hub took its inspiration from Singapore’s beautiful green landscape; the small city-hub was inspired by the metropole’s nighttime landscape – featuring neon lights and a warm color scheme; The orange celebration-hub represented festivities and life’s occasions. Having different hubs within the building gives employees the opportunity to work where best suits them – this concept of a flexible working environment creates the best opportunities for collaboration, creativity and innovation to prosper. After a merger in 2019, Sivantos is now known as WS Audiology. Read more about the project on our website. #headquarters #HQ #office #officespace #workplace #workplacedesign #architecturephotography #archilovers #archdaily #design #architecture #danishdesign #nordicdesign #scandinaviandesign #danisharchitecture #costumdesign #branding #identity #officedesign #officeinterior #officedecor #nordicarchitecture #scandinaviandesign #colors #colours