Our purpose is to improve the quality of life through design that creates identity. This could be at home, at work, at school, in the city, in nature, at the station – anywhere people gather in the built environment or use objects of design.

PLH Architects is a Danish architectural practice based in Copenhagen. We create architecture worldwide, designing office buildings, cultural buildings, residential buildings and creating workplace design and urban planning solutions, infrastructure, retail and healthcare architecture.

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We are very excited and proud to announce that our design for the new DFDS headquarters is included in @archello’s “Best Projects of 2022” list. The maritime world of DFDS has served as our inspiration for the architectural concept. With its elongated shape, undulating movements and large glass sections, the building stands out in respectful cohesion with the maritime surroundings on the pier in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. Inspired by a ship’s structure, parking has been placed at the bottom of the building, followed by offices on succeeding floors, and finally common areas such as the canteen, auditorium and meeting rooms at the top. Inside, we have worked carefully to support DFDS’ vision of an active, adaptable work environment, and common areas and office spaces have thus all been placed to get the most out of the unique settings. Through large soundproof ​windows, employees and visitors can watch DFDS’ Oslo ship sail in and out of the harbor, while fresh ocean air and breathtaking views can be enjoyed from the two roof terraces. Find out more about the project at our website. Team: Team: PensionDanmark, @ncc_dk, NIRAS, @swecodenmark @dfdsdk @dfdsglobal #dfds #archello #architecture #architecturelovers #design #headquarters #hq #danishdesign #danisharchitecture #maritime #harbour #harbor #architecturedaily #archilovers #architecturelovers #customarchitecture #architecture_hunter #architecturephotography #architectureview #architect #architecturedesign #arkitektur #nordhavn #denmark #copenhagen #plharkitekter

Green visions rising on Copenhagen’s blue harbor front... ⬅️ Swipe for construction pix ⬅️ In the Danish capital’s Nordhavn district, our design for a unique office complex is coming to life as glass sections and façade tiles are being installed. Throughout the design and construction phase, sustainable choices have consistently been made. Thus, a new and more sustainable type of concrete has been used for the building's construction. This new type emits less CO2, as it is produced at lower temperatures than traditional concrete. The facade's tiles have been chosen based on thorough analyzes and comparisons. Seen in relation to other materials, their production is far more carbon efficient. And as an added bonus, the tiles can be reused later for other purposes. Furthermore, the glass/aluminum facades and windows are produced using renewable electricity. The project is set to receive the sustainability certification DGNB Gold and will live up to all of PensionDanmark’s sustainability guidelines. Read more about the project at our website. Team: Client: PensionDanmark Engineer: @rambollgroup Contractor: @ncc_dk #construction #constructionsite #office #officehub #sustainability #sustainable #sustainabledesign #render #renderlovers #renderweekly #renders #architecturevisualization #archilovers #archdaily #design #architecture #danishdesign #nordicdesign #scandinaviandesign #danisharchitecture #nordicarchitecture #scandinaviandesign #nordhavn #marmormolen #copenhagen #denmark #PLHArkitekter

We are so happy and proud that the first stage of the new Psychiatric Center Bispebjerg has now opened. In our design, we have used architecture to create a healing environment for patients and a safe, flexible space for employees. Throughout, we have focused on lighting conditions, acoustics and colors that benefit mental health. “At PLH Arkitekter, we have shown several times how architecture can make a positive difference to our well-being. That expertise has been our foundation in the tender competition and when we subsequently developed Ny Psykiatri Bispebjerg, all in close dialogue with patients, relatives and employees. I am very happy to see that the result is now a flexible setting for positive, stable treatment with the patient in focus, where the open, welcoming and stimulating environment supports a good process,” says our partner Lars Toksvig. The new and flexible environment will make a big difference to the patients, says lead therapist at the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Nana Stengade Troelsgaard: "The architecture here is something very special. It is both beautiful and has a great influence on the patients' well-being. For example, we have large glass facades out to the inner courtyards to draw light into the entire ward section, where there is also a big and easily accessible multi-room. We can offer many different activities, because the room layout invites you to do both physical exercises as well as stimulating immersion, creativity and tranquility." The first stage of the new Psychiatric Center Bispebjerg houses the emergency department, four wards with 74 beds, an ECT clinic and administration offices. Once fully completed, the state-of-the-art center will offer a total of 200 beds. Read the full press release at our website. 📸 Tomas Berthelsen Team: @friismoltkearchitects, @lyttarch_, Søren Jensen A/S @regionhovedstaden, @bispebjerg_og_frb_hospital #mentalhealth #health #healthcare #mentalhealthawareness #hospital #architecture #design #archdaily #archidaily #archi #architecturedaily #archilovers #architecturelovers #architecture_hunter #architecturephotography #architect #denmark #interiordesign #bispebjerg

"Together with world-renowned architectural firm PLH Arkitekter, we have developed a campus in Kaunas and applied the basic principles to the Vilnius project. The conceptually unified spaces and cozy facade solutions will become our distinctive architectural signature not only in Lithuania but also abroad.” Much appreciated words from Giedrius Muliuolis, CEO of Urban Hub, as SBA Urban has decided to build their second Urban Hub – this time at the Lithuanian capital – based on our competition-winning original conceptual design. Urban Hub is a breakthrough in the logistics surrounding internet shopping. Instead of an area with only traditional parcel shops, warehouses and offices, Urban Hub becomes a shopping and experience destination, where architecture is used to unite logistics, commerce and urban environment: “SBA Urban has an innovative and ambitious approach to the way we will make purchases in future. We are very happy that with our expertise we are once again contributing to that vision. One of the cornerstones of the design, which is now being continued, is the creation of an urban environment by placing the warehouses behind the outward-facing functions such as showrooms, shops and eateries. At the same time, we have worked with variation in the facades and created different intimate spaces to generate a living, urban feel,” says our senior partner Steen Enrico Andersen. Read the press full release at our website. #commerce #ecommerce #shopping #commercial #commerce #onlineshopping #showroom #architecture #design #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #stockoffice #development #sbaurban #sbagroup #archlovers #archidaily #archdaily #vilnius #archdaily #archidaily #architecturedaily #archilovers #renderlovers #rendering #visualization #illustration #urbanhub #lithuania #plharkitekter