Waterworks, Gevninge

The new waterworks building at Gevninge will be designed to fit in with the existing nature and landscape. The plant is divided into intermediate buildings so it can be adapted to the sloping terrain. This concept helps produce a flexible building that can be further developed and there is an opportunity to expand the functions of the buildings


  • Corporate
  • Supplies and ressources


Gevninge, Denmark


2018 – 2023


In progress


6,500 m²




Turnkey consultant/engineer: COWI
Process advisor: NIRAS and Krüger

The new waterworks building is executed in a modern industrial design expression that signals robustness, safety and purity. The concept of a slightly curved roof takes its reference from the surface tension in water. Facades and roofs are clad with aluminum sheets and frosted glass, which focuses the mind on the expression and materiality of the water.

The main facade, the south facade, is a glass facade produced in matt profile glass, which gives the building a very open and transparent look. This makes the water production fully visible. The waterworks opens towards the motorway and the passing motorists. Through the transparent facade, it is possible to see the interior of the waterworks with process tanks and pipes, aspects that give insight into the building's function. Pedestrians are invited close to the facility, via pavements passing through the surrounding landscape, and passers-by can experience and understand the production processes that take place inside the building.

The plant is designed with softening systems and associated process rooms.

Sally R. Jessen
T: +45 2720 6997