Business Centre Asgaard Keys, Vilnius

A flexible office building made of sustainable materials supports an activity-based work environment.




Vilnius, Lithuania


2016 – 2018




4,503 m² and 3,700 m² underground parking


UAB Asgaard Properties


PLH Arkiekter and UAB Archinova. Engineers: UAB ADS project, Kaunas (constructions), Litauen including UAB Caverion Lietuva (installations), UAB Incorpus (Construction management)

The new Asgaard Keys Business Centre is centrally placed in the business area of Vilnius. The building is designed for Asgaard Properties, as an A-Class multi-user office hub. The overriding purpose and main design goal for the construction is to improve the employees’ quality of life.

Multifunctional atrium and outdoor courtyard

The building is designed as an open and welcoming 35m x 35m squared building surrounding a kidney-shaped atrium. It is situated on a sloping ground, giving a 120 cm displacement in the level of the atrium floor. This creates informal meeting places, seating possibilities, workplaces and wifi-touchdown-areas in the atrium, which is the heart of the building. The presence of several green areas in the atrium, views from the indoor balconies and the inflow of light from the skylights create a feeling of being in an outdoor courtyard.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412

Natural materials and soft colours

The workplace design of the office areas is flexibly executed in order to accommodate the different requirements of the tenant’s needs of design and equipment. The interior design supports an activity-based work environment constructed after a Scandinavian model. ‘Asgaard Keys’ is carried out in sustainable and high-quality materials such as wood and stone in soft colours. It has been important to secure a nice acoustic working environment with sound absorbing surfaces and noise cancelling interior design.

Facades in glass and granite

In order to blend into the surrounding landscape, the facades are designed in a combination of glass and light Italian granite from Sardinia. The facades consist of energy glass and have automatic sun shielding to ensure a comfortable and work-friendly light indoors.

Green rooftop terrace with a view

At the top of the office building, employees and visitors have access to a rooftop terrace. The terrace has a mix of wooden floor and green areas, which creates a relaxing and varied space where the users have the opportunity to hold meetings or to work outdoors.

Photographer: Aurelija Asinavičiūtė/ICONICUS Home

Photographer: Ričardas Sablovskis

Photographer: Aurelija Asinavičiūtė/ICONICUS Home

Photographer: Aurelija Asinavičiūtė/ICONICUS Home

Photographer: Aurelija Asinavičiūtė/ICONICUS Home