Ny Trelleborg, Slagelse

The new museum and interactive experience centre at Trelleborg Viking Fortress is an experience that involves the senses, the emotions and the mind




Slagelse, Denmark




On hold


2,000 m²


Municipality of Slagelse, National Museum



“The Lost Shield” was awarded 1st prize in a competition for a new museum and interactive experience centre at Trelleborg. Trelleborg Viking Fortress is one of the Nordic region's most noteworthy monuments from the Viking era and is soon expect to be listed on UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites.

The new Trelleborg Centre is comprised of an area of approx. 2,000 m² with café, multifunctional lecture areas, offices, meeting rooms, facilities for volunteers, workshops and exhibit areas. The centre's vision: “A visit to Trelleborg, offers not only a museum experience in the traditional sense, but an experience that involves the senses, the emotions and the mind”.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

Denmark's only preserved Viking shield was excavated near the remains of the neighboring Trelleborg Fortress, and this artefact has served as the inspiration for the design of the experience centre. The center is discretely located overlooking the fortress, wedged into the landscape to resemble the surface of a vast, emerging shield. Visitors can walk across the surface and survey views of the fortress and the rural landscape that surrounds it.

The design concept is based on connecting the past with the present in a building that conveys the history of the Viking era in an expressive contemporary design. In order to create an inviting and relevant experience for visitors, we have worked extensively with stage-setting, using the narrative as catalyst for architecture.

The centre intends to provide the city of Slagelse with an additional historical attraction, to reinforce its appeal as a cultural destination where the dramatic and warlike history of the Viking era is brought to life.

”We have recreated the atmosphere from the Viking era with an audio-visual universe consisting of exhibition space, the crackling of the fire in the café-fireplace, tar-coated wood cladding on the exterior of the building and Viking sails decorating the facade.

From the moment the visitor approaches the building, we have created a sensory experience for them where the boundaries between exhibition and architecture, past and present are erased.”

Søren Mølbak, CEO and partner