Fehmarn Belt railway line

Upgrade of landside infrastructure between Ringsted and Rødby




Lolland-Falster, Denmark




Design manual completed


55 km




NIRAS, ÅF Infrastruktur, Hasløv & Kjærsgaard

In connection with establishing a fixed link over the Fehmarn Belt between the harbours of Rødby, Denmark and Puttgarden, Germany, the Danish landside infrastructure between the cities of Ringsted and Rødby were to be upgraded.

PLH’s project involved an upgrade of the railway line to be awarded in two contracts: North and South. PLH participated in Contract South which includes the rail section from the abutment of Storstrøms Bridge in Falster to Southern Lolland.

The project was both extensive and complex, since this section of railway line runs through both rural and urban areas. Therefore, high demands had been placed on technological and design solutions. The main elements of the contract were the electrification and expansion of the existing railway section with a second track.

The approximately 70 existing bridges and tunnels of the section were converted, and a new track-bearing bridge over the sound near the city of Nykøbing was built in connection with an existing drawbridge. In addition, two stations along this line were revamped and a new station was designed at the Fehmarn Bridge.

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PLH was part of an advisory team whose task was to develop the design manual for Contract South, assist in designing project proposals, examine environmental and planning conditions, and carry out impact assessments that will form the basis of an EIA study.

The project involved providing the requisite services and disciplines for the infrastructure plan, including track and line construction, bridge and tunnel structures, road construction and landscape treatment along the track line and stations.