DSV, office building, Warsaw

An open workplace design supports different ways of working, setting the framework for a sociable working environment according to the Danish model: close cooperation, a flat hierarchy and short chains of command




Warsaw, Poland


2016 – 2020




21,600 m²



Following the completion of DSV’s headquarters in Hedehusene in 2014, PLH were appointed to design DSV’s new office in Warsaw. Like the company’s headquarters, DSV Warsaw was to be realized with the same architectural vision – a strong identity that supports DSV as a brand, emphasizing the Scandinavian roots of the company.

There are several themes that are coordinated between the two buildings. In the Danish headquarters, PLH has visualized DSV’s branding of ‘one company – one DSV’ in a simple square building, consisting of a large room where all employees are considered equal. The same is true in Warsaw: spread across 7 floors and designed around an open, central atrium, the building hosts numerous meeting rooms, informal cafes, workspaces, and spaces for social interaction. All of which come together to facilitate a social and open working environment with close cooperation, flat hierarchy and short chains of command.

Another close similarity between DSV Warsaw and DSV’s headquarters is the choice of materiality – light and natural materials dominate the building’s interior, whilst natural light is drawn into the building. From its exterior, the building is instantly identifiable through its rounded corners and metal façade.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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The building has a fitness centre and an employee-restaurant to communal eating – both part will be visible from the street. As it is centrally located, close to the main street towards the city, the new domicile in Warsaw becomes a landmark in the city. The transparent facades visualising the activities of the house and the main entrances have an inviting appearance that exposes DSV as a workplace with a social working environment, who take care of their employee.

In connection to the restaurant, there are outdoor areas for dining. There are some outdoor balconies, so the employees have the possibility to go outside for a meeting or socialising.