DSV, expansion headquarters, Hedehusene

The 10.000 m² expansion of DSV’s global headquarters in Hedehusene has added 420 new workspaces, a large conference centre with a modern lounge, a new fitness area, a Hall of Fame as well as an exciting, open and centrally placed courtyard. The design of the expansion reflects the functionality, quality and modern work environment of DSV.




Hedehusene, Denmark


2018 – 2021




10,000 m²




MT Højgaard



A visionary expansion reflecting the identity and global presence of DSV

The design of the existing HQ in Hedehusene has been passed on to the extension creating a consistent modern Nordic look of the whole building with white surfaces, horizontal lines and rounded corners.

DSV's 'ways of working' is reflected in the expansion with great opportunities for informal working areas, social events and team-work across the organisation. Besides 420 new workspaces, the expansion has also added a new conference centre, an auditorium, a new lounge, a fitness area, an extended canteen with different dining areas and an open inner courtyard.

An important quality of the expansion is the short distance between inside and outside. The majority of the new work stations will be placed alongside the façade and the beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings. The new spacious courtyard creates an attractive green environment where the employees are given new opportunities for holding informal meetings or breaks outside.

Design strategy reflecting the company

In 2014 the new global HQ of DSV was inaugurated, designed and projected by PLH. The design strategy was based on DSV’s identity: ‘One company – One DSV’, uniting the global organisation – a design strategy the is also implemented in the expansion. In 2016 DSV also commissioned a visionary office building in Warsaw where an open workplace supports different ways of working, setting the framework for a social and living work environment. The office building in Poland has, just like the global HQ in Denmark, a clear and strong identity supporting the DSV brand and Scandinavian roots of the company.


Søren Mølbak
T: +45 2720 0591

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We are incredibly pleased with the great cooperation with DSV, which has contributed to two new office buildings and a very visionary expansion of the current head office in Hedehusene. We have created a coherent building with inspiring workplaces, where there is a great contact between inside and outside. The expansion design reflects DSV's global presence and quality with very inspiring workplaces.

- Søren Mølbak, CEO and partner, PLH Arkitekter

"With the headquaters in Hedehusene, we have created a home for DSV. As a growing family, we simply needed more space. Here, it was important to us that the extra square meters also brought extra opportunities – to strengthen both our business and the quality of working life for our employees. With a conference center, fitness room and areas that support both collaboration and concentration, we have got exactly that – a single, unified space with many additional functions for the entire company."

- Brian Winther Almind, Executive Vice President, Group Property, DSV

Facade and section of the expanded HQ