Bavnehøj Sports Center, Copenhagen

Sport Center expansion




Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 – 2016




Phase 1: 200m² / Phase 2: 700-1.000m²


Københavns Ejendomme, ByK/ Kultur- og fritidsforvaltningen

PLH has completed the expansion and rebuilding of Bavnehøj Sports Center on the periphery of Copenhagen. Along with design, PLH has been responsible for user group interface and process coordination.

Bavnehøj is home for some 2,500 members participating in seven sports clubs, as well as users of the Bavnehøj Outdoor Swimming Pool. Pressed for facilities in the existing center, the collective Board of the seven clubs conducted a study of acute and future needs, resulting in a development masterplan. Phase 1 of the plan included an expansion of facilities for club administration and changing/bathing facilities for members. Phase 2 included an expansion of the multi-functional hall, café, games room, and areas for club/school collaboration.

The shared vision of the seven participating clubs represents a cross section of special interests and demonstrates the strong cooperation between the handball, football, volley ball, weightlifting and martial arts clubs.

The rebuilding and expansion resulted in greater flexibility for participants in both indoor and outdoor sports, as well as for those involved in club activities.

Lars Toksvig
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