PLH Fodbold brings Denmark’s architectural studios together again – H+ wins the trophy

Once a year, PLH Arkitekter invites Denmark’s architectural studios for a one-day football tournament. This year H+ won the trophy.

This Friday, PLH Arkitekter could once again gather more than 600 people to socialize and strengthen cohesion throughout the business and across professions… and of course find the winner of PLH Fodbold 2023!

This year, H+ could raise the much-desired trophy. Over Byen Arkitekter and Mangor & Nagel came in second and third.

"It is fantastic that we can gather the architecture industry on this day and strengthen social relationships across firms and professions, once the soccer boots come off. I would like to express how happy I am that the entire industry has now been supporting PLH Fodbold for eight years. At the same time, I would like to congratulate H+ on this year's victory and send a big thank you to our sponsors and all the companies that have participated," says Jesper Fogd Spager, senior project manager and organizer of PLH Football.

Årets Palle 2023, a new challenge trophy awarded to an individual, studio etc. that has contributed to the tournament in a special way over the years, went to Torsten Seeger Hansen from JJW Arkitekter.


Danske Byggeøkonomer, Hay, Louis Poulsen, Gerflor, Nordal, Kvadrat, Umage and Anker&Co.


a:gain, Dorte Mandrup, 3XN/GXN, Clementwestfall, EFFEKT, BIG, H+, Henning Larsen, Lendager, Pålsson Arkitekter, Holscher Nordberg, Over Byen Arkitekter, Cobe, Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, JJW Arkitekter, Arkitema og Mangor & Nagel