DMJX campus inaugurated with words of openness, relationships and good cooperation

With H.M. the King as guest of honor, Denmark’s School of Media and Journalism's new campus in Ørestad was inaugurated on the 24th of April. The building provides a new social and creative framework for DMJX's communication and media programs in Copenhagen, which were previously located in Emdrup.

Many words were said about the new campus on the day it was officially inaugurated. Rector Julie Sommerlund made four key points in her observation of the new building: its few right angles, its striking colors, its high ceilings and the fact that it is both inward and outward opening.

“The keen observer will have figured out that these four qualities also describe those of us who work and study in the building. We are quirky, colorful, curious and investigative. The ceiling is high here,” she said in her speech on the day.

The King on tour in the heart of the building

The heart of the building is the large atrium, which with its iconic green staircase, called the Green Line, connects the school both physically and socially. And the Green Line was indeed buzzing with activity on the day. Students, staff and guests waited eagerly before King Frederik himself climbed the stairs for his tour of the building.

On the way, Anette Grønbæk, project manager from PLH, spoke about the architecture, including how the atrium contributes to the students' social relations and sense of security.

“In the atrium, there is space for collaboration and social activities - for all the unplanned and spontaneous things that can create relationships across classes, years and courses. You can also quickly sense if anyone else is in the building when you're here in the evenings and on weekends. In this way, the house becomes safer to be in,” Anette Grønbæk of PLH explained.

A successful collaboration comes full circle

The ceremony also marked the end of an exemplary and rewarding collaboration between the project partners and DMJX. The successful collaboration was also noted by the school's chairperson, who began her speech with positive words about the process.

“I became chairperson when the construction was underway, and when I told people about it, they looked at me with a very nervous look - isn't that something that always ends badly? It didn't, on the contrary, so thank you to the previous chairman and board, to the previous and current rectorate, to our partners PLH Arkitekter, 5EByg, By og Havn and the City of Copenhagen,” she said.

Students and staff moved in at the beginning of 2024, and the building now provides a creative learning environment for around 800 media and communication students as well as teachers, researchers, and administrative staff. It will also house up to 2000 course participants annually.

Photos of building: Emil Lund Pedersen

Photos from inauguration: Christian Falck Wolff