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At Oslo Plads, PLH Arkitekter has created a completely new office concept for A.P. Moller - Maersk. Gone are fixed desks, conventional meeting rooms and inflexible decor. Instead, employees have been given a wealth of unique, custom-designed areas and environments that they are free to choose from throughout the workday.


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Oslo Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark






3,700 m²


A. P. Møller-Maersk

PLH Arkitekter has designed and furnished Maersk's new offices at Oslo Plads in the heart of Copenhagen. The vision was to create the agile, versatile environment that both management and employees have demanded to accommodate an increasing need for project work, virtual work methods and knowledge sharing among colleagues. At the same time, space is allocated for Maersk's Business team and IT team to collaborate on the same premises, a desire that has long been expressed within the organization.

“Together with Maersk, we have created an unconventional office environment, which forms a flexible framework for the many new ways of working that are found in a modern workplace. Here you can host a workshop with external stakeholders, participate in Teams meetings with others sitting at home or even located on the other side of the world, immerse yourself in a task that requires concentration or engage in spontaneous dialogue with colleagues in an informal setting. The design is flexible, multifunctional and can be continuously adapted to changing requirements without large, costly conversions,” says Paulette Christophersen, partner at PLH Arkitekter.

Paulette Christophersen
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A win-win for the company and its employees

Together with the rest of PLH's design team, she has created a varied layout that offers more than 20 different environments where employees can sit, depending on whether they are working alone, in groups or virtually. Throughout the offices, emphasis is placed on giving users a range of varied, cozy experiences in a relaxed, almost homey atmosphere. The rooms are characterized by elements that are not found in an ordinary office: rugs, pillows, plants hanging from lamps and shelves and last but not least, a ping pong table. However, the table can easily be converted to a conference table if needed, because the new office design generally serves a dual purpose, as Paulette Christophersen explains:

“This project is a pure win-win for Maersk. The company’s productivity is enhanced, innovation is boosted, and it will be easier to attract new talent. Employees have greater job satisfaction, an improved sense of well-being and far more choices in their workday. The office design helps support the strategic goals that have been set, both soft and hard.”

- Paulette Christophersen, Partner, PLH Arkitekter

The office must be able to change together with the organization

This is a statement that is backed by Githa Birkegaard, Office Space Management Specialist at Maersk:

“We are a workplace that is constantly evolving and finding new ways of working, both analogue and digital. This culture must be supported by the office. The physical environment must be able to change with us. PLH has created a design that is flexible, future-proof and actively promotes the interaction and dialogue among colleagues that is so valuable to a modern company. The solutions found at Oslo Plads have grown from employee requests and are tailored to suit the organization's needs, while also helping to ensure that those who work here want to show up for work and be physically present on site.”

The design is based on thorough analyses and conversations with Maersk. The project began in fall 2021 and has taken four months from start to finish.