SK Forsyning, public utilities, Slagelse

New, collective administration building, changing rooms and support facilities for utility company SK Forsyning




Slagelse, Denmark






2600 m² new build, 680 m² renovation/remodel


SK Forsyning


CC Brun, ÅF

Parking spaces


SK Forsyning is a multi-supply company that handles electricity, water, district heating, gas, streetlights and wastewater for customers on Zealand. In a team with CC Brun and ÅF, PLH Arkitekter won the competition to design a new administration building, as well as rebuild and renovate a large complex of existing workshops, support functions and changing facilities. Natural slate has been chosen as the facade cladding.

The organization is gathered under one roof

The new administration building physically unites the organization, as all administrative functions are in the building. The two-story building is connected to an existing building that houses changing rooms, which have been modernized and expanded. The building also serves as a link between several workshop buildings, which have been renovated and rebuilt so that they are up-to-date and can effectively support the various supply functions.

The heart of the building

The heart of the building is centered around the main staircase. There is natural life around and access to communal facilities, lobby, canteen, small and large meeting rooms on both floors, as well as a communal library. The main staircase and the two stair cores enable flexibility in the daily work, where employees can move between the two floors and the changing room.

Tranquility, joy and a sense of being welcome

All in all, the new building appears to be solid, future-proof and sustainable with a modern and straightforward appearance that expresses tranquility, joy and a sense of being welcome towards guests and employees alike. The office interior combines open floor plans and traditional offices with a predominance of permanent workplaces along the large windows, where there is good daylight and visibility. Acoustic solutions support an efficient and comfortable working environment with excellent opportunities for communication and concentration. Smaller “studies” have been introduced for contemplation and calm or for noisy or private conversations.

A large meeting room steps out of the facade with a sloping canopy and a clear, embracing and welcoming entrance.

The customer-related functions are gathered at the front of the administration building. An outdoor terrace will be established at the canteen and the outdoor areas around the building will be optimized so that there will be room for 100 parking spaces, as well as covered bicycle parking.