Libratone, workplace design, Copenhagen

Renovated and fittet zoned office building inspired by the company's brand and core values


Workplace design


Copenhagen, Denmark






1,000 m²



PLH has designed a new head office for Libratone at Sundkaj 9 in Frihavnen. Libratone develops high-end speakers and sound equipment in a characteristic Scandinavian style. Hence, the project houses high-tech sound laboratory chambers, administrative functions and showroom facilities.

The old warehouse has been renovated and fitted out to exploit the impressive waterside views and high ceiling height. The design is zoned into activity areas that are inspired by Libratone’s brand and core values - ’Bold’, ’Creative’, ’Different’ and ’Driven’.

As colors and materials are an integral part of the Libratone product experience and brand, colors in the same tone and fabric are also used in the office design to create inspiring and fresh, spatial experiences and define different functions and work situations.

The functional layout, furniture selection and color concept support and signal the different zones in Libratone’s office landscape. Workplaces, lounge areas and meeting rooms in varying sizes, colors and moods are distinctly distinct and employees can choose to move around between areas that support their needs – “here and now” - from social lounge areas to more quiet workspaces and large or smaller meeting rooms for collaboration or thinking time behind closed doors.

Paulette Christophersen
+ 45 2464 7133