Hospice Sydfyn, Svendborg

Improved everyday life for patients, personnel and loved ones




Svendborg, Denmark






1,900 m²


The independent institution Hospice Sydfyn


BNS, Hundsbæk & Henriksen A/S og Land+

PLH was awarded first prize in competition for a new hospice in Svendborg. It was our intention to create a homely place where nature is a recurrent theme, and where patients can experience life to its fullest in their last days. At the same time, the design concept seeks to optimize the functional features of the building in order to improve everyday life for patients, personnel and loved ones. Room size, proportions and furnishings add to the impression of a logical, rational building, where one feels at home and where the interface between different functions and users is communicated through wayfinding rather than signage.

Lars Toksvig
+ 45 2720 0595

Architecture, three wings

Proximity to nature – the landscape, daylight, shadows and materials – is a simple, immediate sensation that affects most people regardless of age, gender or spiritual values. The natural setting, which alternates between the tame and wild, sweeps gently between the wings of the building and helps create an atmospheres that is closer to home than an institution.

Patient wings

The patient wings are situated with rooms facing the forest on the south, while lounges and guest rooms face the garden on the north. Patient rooms are organized three by three, clustered into four groups, and staggered in relation to each other. The spaces between these groups form alcoves for informal seating arrangements with their own terraces.

The hospice received the City of Svendborg’s architectural award in 2012. The jury concluded:

“This is an example of how to solve the difficult task of designing a dignified framework for those whose time among us is running out."

"The building is a beautiful, fully-formed facility, which is lovingly integrated into the existing nature. The building’s consistent material use best supports its design and function, so that it differs from the typical institutional building, and falls beautifully and naturally into the surrounding nature. "

The Heart

The heart of the hospice is located at the junction of its three wings. This is the hub for hospice activity and daily work flow, and is shielded from the building’s other functions. From here there is immediate access to the reception and receiving area as well as wardrobe, restrooms and waiting area.

Personnel wing

The personnel wing houses the hospice’s offices and service functions. Offices face east onto the arrival area, with the heavier service functions such as kitchen, changing rooms, storage and technical plant face west, where service delivery also takes place.