Gun Boat Sheds, workplace design, Copenhagen

The Royal Danish Navy’s 1830 canonboat sheds transformed into creative working environments


  • Corporate
  • Workplace design


Copenhagen, Danmark






1,900 m²


Aberdeen Property Investors


Carl Bro

The preservation-listed gun boat sheds at Holmen are remodeled into an atmospheric setting for modern offices. The sheds were originally built by the Royal Danish Navy in 1830 to store its fleet of long gun boats. The aim of the renovation, which PLH undertook in 1998-2000, was to maintain the unique atmosphere and add a contemporary standard with carefully chosen materials and construction techniques.

The floors slope down towards the water with a total gradient of 1 meter and this theatrical composition contributes to giving the spaces a special mood, together with views over the water, long skylights and visible carpentry detailing. The project was awarded a prize in 2001 by the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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In 2006 Gun Boat Shed no. 4 was totally destroyed by a fire. Subsequently PLH reconstructed the buildings that comprise a group of 5 narrow wings. These where adapted as a premises for the firm ‘Pernod Ricard Denmark’. In addition to offices, meeting rooms and canteen, the gunboat shed comprises laboratories and a specially built test room used to develop new products. The common facilities can be converted into showrooms when launching new products and as the space has direct access to the waterfront, visitors have the opportunity of arriving by boat.