Topping-out ceremony at Nykredit's new headquarters marks a milestone for ambitious megaproject

In Copenhagen's Nordhavn, construction on Svanemølleholm has progressed so far that a topping-out ceremony was held at Nykredit's future headquarters. The entire building complex, designed by PLH Arkitekter, will also house AP Pension's headquarters. The project has a unique focus on modern working conditions, sustainability and creating value for the local area.

One of the largest and most significant building projects in Copenhagen’s new Nordhavn district is progressing rapidly and has now reached a milestone with its topping-out ceremony at Nykredit's headquarters.

The project covers a massive 57,000 m², of which Nykredit accounts for 29,000 m2, and contains a number of features that add value to the local area, inviting visitors as well as neighbors to use the buildings. Among other things, the project will boast a publicly accessible community kitchen, fitness center, café, rooftop garden and facilities for winter swimming.

“The headquarters for Nykredit and AP Pension are helping to set new standards when it comes to combining architecture with sustainability, a great working environment and a sense of community in the local area. These are aspirations we are happy and proud to be a part of, and with our expertise we feel confident we can make the ambitious visions become reality,” says Lars Toksvig, partner at PLH Arkitekter.

Once the buildings are completed in 2024, they will serve as workplaces for some 2,770 employees. The headquarters are designed as classic and timeless examples of Nordic architecture with clear references to the historical surroundings of the industrial harbor environment that characterizes Nordhavn. With the central location, the buildings will stand as some of the area's most eye-catching, while granting employees and visitors alike unique views of the harbor and sea.

In collaboration with AP Pension, Nykredit and the other parties in the project, PLH Arkitekter has formulated high ambitions when it comes to sustainability and social conditions. Therefore, it is expected that the two new headquarters will achieve a DGNB Gold certification for the sustainable solutions and a DGNB Diamond for, among other things, the architecture and functionality of the buildings.

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Engineer: NIRAS
Entrepreneur: MT Højgaard
Landscaping: Marianne Levinsen