Railway line and train station, Køge

Railway and freeway architecture in the landscape - easier access to rail, highway and station




Ringsted/Copenhagen, Denmark


2007 – 2010




62 km


Banedanmark Anlægsudvikling and The Public Transport Authority


Niras, Atkins, Hasløv & Kjærsgaard

The extension of the railway network line from Copenhagen to Ringsted is an ambitious infrastructure project that will introduce high-speed trains to Denmark. The project is extensive and complex, running through both natural habitats and city areas, and demands extremely high standards of technology and design. PLH has been part of an advisor consortium responsible for developing the design strategy for the stretch from Solrød to Ringsted, known as part A2 + CR. The commission includes preparation of the concept proposal and design development of the project, together with providing input to the environmental impact study. The project is extensive and complex, in that the line runs through both natural habitats and city areas. At the same time, the project demands extremely high standards of technology and design.

Søren Mølbak
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An interesting infrastructure element in connection to the new railway line will be the new Køge North station that will become a new hub on the railway line, where three tracks are to merge together. PLH has developed a masterplan for the station, which includes a 280 meter long walking bridge, commuter parking and bus terminals. This new traffic centre has significant local importance with its impact on the future urban development of the area.

The location of the new station in connection with the highway is ideal for commuters who can park the car and take the train to Copenhagen. The new station is a part of the plan of the municipality to develop a new suburb, and therefore the placement has local importance.

The project also includes the proposal for a turning junction west of Roskilde.