Villa Huno, hotel and restaurant, Møn

Architecture bringing you closer to nature and authentic experiences of the site




Møn, Denmark


2014 – 2019




700 m²


Klintholm Manor


Vestergaard Nielsen

With support from Realdania and in close collaboration with Klintholm Estate, from 2014 to 2019 PLH Arkitekter transformed the old manor house "Hunosøgaard" into a modern, intimate boutique hotel in the heart of scenic Møn, about 50 kilometers south of Copenhagen.

As a guest at Villa Huno, you can choose from eight stylish rooms, all of which have access to terraces or balconies and panoramic windows with unobstructed views of the nearby lake. This way you can get close to nature even in your room.

In addition to the rooms, Villa Huno offers a small gourmet restaurant with a large, inviting terrace.

The architectural approach for the hotel harkens back to traditional Danish farmhouses, with natural materials such as larch wood facades and sedum roofs. Inside, the style is a blend of rustic and comfortable furnishings, giving guests an informal, authentic experience in harmony with the beautiful landscape outside.

The same year that Villa Huno opened its doors, the hotel was named Building Project of the Year by the association Building and Landscape Culture Møn.

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Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

We chose to work with PLH Arkitekter because they on several occasions have shown us that they understand the interactions between buildings and nature and what it takes to create the feeling of being at a special place that you would like to explore. We think PLH has created a beautiful project with a building that looks modern but still blends well into the surroundings.

- Statement from Carl Gustav Scavenius, client and landowner of Klintholm Gods, March 2018.

Photo courtesy of the Scavenius family

Photo courtesy of the Scavenius family

We want to create the possibility for people to experience nature through a building that reflects a sense of tranquillity and contemplation that we find in the surrounding nature. When you have first-class nature, it is important to be able to offer experiences on the same level. That is the idea behind our new hotel apartments, café and marketplace. The new building, amid nature, should function as a base for guests to return to after being out enjoying the spectacular area.

- Carl Gustav Scavenius, client and landowner, Klintholm Gods.

Architecturally it has been interesting to design a building that brings people closer to nature. At PLH, we hope the new premises can attract more quality-tourists, who want to explore the nature, culture and foods of Møn.

- Søren Mølbak, Partner at PLH Arkitekter and leading architect on the project.