Roskilde Sports Arenas

Sport's multifunctional space








Competition proposal


5,000 m² (3.000 seats)


The Municipality of Roskilde


Enemærke og Petersen, Oluf Jørgensen og Landskabsarkitekterne Roskilde

PLH Arkitekter was prequalified for the competition to extend Roskilde Arena complex.

Roskilde Municipality required an extension of the complex to accommodate 2 new standard handball courts that could be subdivided into smaller courts for alternative sports activities. Along with playing courts, the project required that new locker rooms, foyer, and storage also be established, and that these should be integrated with the existing arena facilities in a unified concept.

In the competition proposal the existing buildings connect to the new arena through a multifunctional foyer, with optimal flow to the entrances of arenas A and B and the new arena. The foyer is bright and open, with large skylights which flood it with daylight. The colours and pattern of the sports field is repeated in the epoxy painted floor of the foyer.

Lars Toksvig
+ 45 2720 0595

A pantry kitchen and café is located on an island in the centre of the foyer, with its own staircase leading to the large meeting room above. The new hall is designed as a large rectangular room with flexibility as its first priority. The room has an intermediate level on the first floor containing a meeting section for local sponsors on the east and a large VIP balcony facing south.

Large telescopic tribunes can be drawn out and reconfigured to allow for a multitude of different activities. A hall at full capacity can accommodate 3000 seated spectators following a handball match, but can be subdivided into two handball courts with a large folding wall if necessary. The new hall’s telescopic stands, screens and catwalks fully meet the requirements for improved functionality. The proposal also includes a large balcony on the first floor, which can be used as a supplementary warm-up area, a VIP balcony, or furnished for various club activities.