Park Allé Private School, Brøndby

A total renovation, reconstruction and extension of a private school in Brøndby.




Brøndby, Denmark


2015 – 2016




4,000 m²


Nordea Ejendomme



Since Park Allé Private School opened in 2014, the school has been popular and has had a long waitlist for new students. Therefore, the school choose to reconstruct and remodel the buildings to create more space for the rising number of students. Earlier, the buildings have been used as offices, administration and for production. PLH Arkitekter reconstructed and renovated the school, which gave way to twice as many students.

A healthy indoor climate improves the students’ learning capabilities.

It has been a focal point to create a healthy indoor climate by developing the acoustic, lighting and ventilation in all the rooms. Now, all classrooms have a great natural light, fresh air and excellent acoustic, which improves the learning capabilities and well-being of students and teachers

In order to gain more space, Park Allé Private School has also overtaken a nearby building, which PLH transformed into classrooms, teacher facilities, multi-room, gym, changing room with supporting functions such as depot and toilets. The existing areas were renovated and modernized along with the main buildings.

Claus Johannessen
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Architecture that supports vision and educational objective goals

Park Allé Private School is an independent school where the values of citizenship, ‘Dojo-Kun’, and community are closely connected. ‘Dojo-Kun’ is a maxim from Japanese martial arts, focusing on psychological and physical values such as self-control, endurance, focus, respect and ambition. Movement and sports are thereby an important element of the students’ and teachers’ every day.

The construction of the new gym and multi-room has been an important element in the extension of the school, as well as a great example of how the physical surroundings support visions and educational objective goals.

PLH Arkitekter worked as the architect for the client Nordea Ejendomme (now DEAS) on the renovation and reconstruction of Park Allé Private School. The school has been in use during the execution of the construction project.