Nørrebro Park School, Copenhagen

A project involving the complete renovation of a Copenhagen school worthy of preservation




Nørrebro, Copenhagen






8,187 m²


Byggeri København


Cubic Group

In connection with the framework agreement with the Municipality of Copenhagen, PLH Arkitekter won a mini-tender to completely renovate the schools Nørrebro Park Skole and Engskolen.

Improved acoustics and play facilities
The renovation of Nørrebro Park Skole included elements such as modernization, energy renovation and climate adaptation as well as exterior and interior restorations. The work also involved acoustic improvements to the classrooms, remodeling offices and teachers' rooms, soundproofing towards the heavily trafficked Jagtvejen road and an improvement of the children's play facilities in the schoolyard.

Complete renovation with respect for style and aesthetics
Nørrebro Park Skole has three buildings located on Jagtvej 34, bordering Hans Egedes Gade, Hans Tavsens Park and Assistens Kirkegård. The buildings at Nørrebro Park Skole include an older main building and a newer extension from the 1970s with a modern intermediate building that connects the other two buildings. Culturally, the site's buildings range from Historicism to Modernism. The main building, with its Historicist style, is worthy of preservation. The two adjacent buildings were built in different periods and each has a different modern expression. The style and aesthetics of the various buildings were respected during the complete renovation.

Facade renovation strengthens the connection between the school's various buildings
A large part of the renovation consisted of work on the facade, with the replacement of doors and windows. Therefore, PLH Arkitekter has worked to renovate the facades in a way where the expression of the individual buildings is respected, while also strengthening the link between the buildings. This is, among other things, done through window frames and detailing around the windows.

Søren Mølbak
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