MMC, Pylimo Gatvė. Multi-Functional Cultural Center

Art museum and sculpture garden, open air stage, museum shop, offices, restaurant and café in urban integration with Vilnius' UNESCO World Heritage Historic Center




Vilnius, Lithuania




Competition proposal


4,900 m² + Parking 4.900 m² + Parkering 3,100 m²



PLH was invited to participate in a competition for the development of a multifunctional culture center in the historical area of Vilnius.

The project replaces a cinema and includes both an office building and an art museum (MMC). In addition, a green area is integrated, which extends from the main entrance of the office building to the museum, and functions as an art network, where sculptures and art installations will be displayed on a continuous basis. The area is discreet in the neighborhood and eliminates visual noise so that you can enjoy both the atmosphere of the restaurant's outdoor terrace and the art in the garden. The facade of the building is designed to create traction towards the museum and its associated café, and lines of the building direct the gaze onto the MMC-logo.

Complexity, functionality and rationality were the key criteria in the development of this project, and provides the modern art center and office complex with optimal functionality in accordance with the latest requirements

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412