Lietuvos Draudimas, headquarters, Vilnius

A new headquarters and three apartment buildings centred around a green courtyard.


  • Living
  • Corporate


Vilnius, Lithunia


2018 – 2023


In progress


5,600 m²


AB Lietuvos Draudimas (Lithuanian insurance company)


PLH Arkitekter in collaboration with UAB Archinova Lithuania

In 2018, PLH Arkitekter won first prize in an invited competition to design a new headquarters and three apartment buildings for the Lithuanian insurance company 'Lietuvos Draudimas'. The project is carried out in collaboration with the client and the local architectural company UAB Archinova.

The site is located next to the preserved and protected area ‘J.Basanaviciaus Street’ in Vilnius, which has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list since 1994. The vision of adapting the traditional street scene to the design of the new buildings has been one of the focal points. Despite building density, PLH Arkitekter has established a green and spacious courtyard – to the benefit of both the employees and residents.

Success in Lithuania

The success of PLH in Lithuania has been built up over some years and AB Lietuvos Draudimas is another project that PLH does in the Lithuanian capital. Among the other PLH-constructions in Vilnius are K29, the signature construction Green Hall, the department store Gedimino 9 and a mixed construction with a hotel, offices, shops and luxury apartments on Ciurlionio Street. PLH also does renovations and refurbishments in Lithuania and continue to get new projects in the Baltics.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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A modern headquarters with a classical mode of expression

Lietuvos Draudimas’ new headquarters has a light coloured facade and vertical lines that mimics the surrounding buildings. Thus, the design of the new headquarters is modern with a classical mode of expression that fits well into the area.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a great inflow of daylight and contributes to a nice working environment. The design of the building is flexible and it has multiple set-up options. On the ground floor, there is a direct entrance from the street to the green courtyard - creating a light and open expression on the busy street.

The courtyard

A spacious courtyard connects the headquarters and apartment buildings in a nice and green environment. The whole site is sloping 8 meters from top to bottom and because of the large difference in levels an elegant garden stairway has been created to connect the levels. The design of the surrounding apartment buildings contribute to a nice atmosphere in the courtyard.

Modern apartments

The three apartment buildings have 32 apartments in total - all in various sizes. Created with a Scandinavian simplicity in natural colours and sustainable materials, PLH Arkitekter has designed buildings that fit well into the street scenery of Vilnius.

Parking areas

The new parking basement has 187 parking spaces divided on three levels - accessible from all the buildings.

Over a period of time, we have established some good relationships in Lithuania, which have resulted in interesting projects. AB Lietuvos Draudimas wanted a modern, sustainable headquarters that fits into the surroundings of the historic J.Basanaviciaus Street close to the UNESCO preserved area. It has been important to create the new headquarters and the apartment buildings with a modern expression in balance with the surrounding historic buildings.

- Steen Enrico Andersen, Partner, PLH Arkitekter.