Innovation House, Copenhagen

Innovation building in Copenhagen with entrepreneurial spaces and preserved industrial look




Copenhagen, Denmark


2014 – 2016




1,535 m²


Københavns Kommune, Københavns Byggeri


Lyngkilde A/S, Cubic Group

The vision for the project is to create an ideal office community for entrepreneurial companies. The openly creative atmosphere gives the opportunity for knowledge sharing and developing a strong network among the companies.

The building includes two long halls called “Midterskibet” and “Hal B”

“Midterskibet” is an open, functional and flexible room. It is characterized by the skylight, which runs continuously throughout the length of the room, thus giving plenty of daylight to the area. “Midterskibet” is where it will be possible to work with models and mock-ups, and is considered the heart of the house, where the guests spend most of the time and have the opportunity to have informal meetings.

“Hal B” is characterized by the preservation of the original pillars, and is divided into three zones. Zone 1 is because of its’ lighting conditions and view ideal for workstations, while zone 2 will be a support for the functions of “Midterskibet”. Zone 3 has the opportunity to include affiliated workplaces or a kitchen.