Glasmagasinet, Oslo

Open, spacious and unobstructed Norwegian department store




Oslo, Norway




Competition proposal


15,000 m²



PLH, together with Ocean Branding and Norwegian architects Lund + Slaatto, developed a competition proposal for a thorough modernization of Oslo’s historic department store, GlasMagasinet.

The design concept activates the zone between the building and the plaza, opening up the store and inviting city life to continue inside. The expansive display windows are further enlarged and the building’s historic features are restored to their original character.

The impressive empire style of the interior had been diluted over the years by countless refurbishments, leaving it devoid of a cohesive visual identity. This proposal strengthens and supports the experience of a classic department store by highlighting the original marble details, such as its classical columns, by featuring them in the facades, entrance ways and atrium.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412

GlasMagasinet’s new interior concept can be described as ‘open,’ ‘spacious,’ and ‘unobstructed.’ Merchandise is openly and attractively displayed, rather than hidden away; sales floors are expansive; and displays are low to allow customers an overview of the store. The color scale and materials of the interiors take their reference from Norway’s nature: the blue of the sea, the grey granite of the fjords and the light timber from the Norwegian woods.

The plaza with its view to Oslo’s cathedral provides the perfect backdrop for urban experience for residents and tourists alike, where the city’s historic atmosphere can be appreciated in a modern context. By reinforcing and accentuating GlasMagasinet’s unique and authentic qualities, true potential exists for an inviting, modern retail experience.