The aim of this multifunctional project is to create a vibrant and attractive city space




Lithuania, Vilnius




Competition proposal


Total size - 18,110m² (office - 6,170 m² ; hotel – 6500 m² ; residential - 5440 m²)


UAB “Eika”

The complex is situated on a busy city center axis, across from the historically important Lukiskiu square. Our intention was to give the complex, and particularly the corner building facing Lukisku square a unique architectural identity. It should stand out and attract passers-by, providing a variety of different functions, like local shops, cafes and restaurants, with interesting spaces that encourage people to stay and discover.

The new business center and a hotel are connected by a precisely proportioned passageway. The space in between becomes a "living room of the city", that combines different activities and promotes a feeling of community.

The architectural vision of the complex was shaped by observations of the surrounding architectural elements, the constraints of the local detail plan and the desire to create a high-quality entertainment and work space for the city.

A characteristic feature of the new buildings is their differently angled sloping roofs. The roof line is the unifying element of the complex, tying its different elements together in a single composition. The second connecting layer is that of the facade elements and the buildings’ materiality.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412