DLF, headquarters, Smørum

The competition for the design of a new, future-proof headquarters for DLF located in Smørum, 20 km west of Copenhagen, has been decided and the winning bid was submitted by PLH Arkitekter together with Nordland.




Smørum, Denmark


2023 – 2024


In progress


4.200 m²





The new building is tailored to DLF's wish to have a sustainable, socially responsible building, where the focus is on using sustainable materials, in addition to optimizing and reducing energy consumption. At the same time, employees will experience the latest in modern workplace design with bright, flexible office space and fitness rooms, lounge areas, a large canteen, state-of-the-art laboratories, plant growth facilities and much more.

“We are incredibly happy that DLF has entrusted us with the task of designing their future headquarters. DLF has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability and employee well-being. These are ambitions we share and have the expertise to bring to life. The new headquarters will be a bright, welcoming place that reflects DLF's DNA and the company’s demand for a modern place of work. You will get that experience from the moment you enter the atrium, that has a direct view of the facilities for plant research and further out onto the hilly river valley,” says Lars Toksvig, Project Responsible Partner at PLH Arkitekter.

Lars Toksvig
T: +45 2720 0595

“We have been looking forward to seeing the architects' proposals for what DLF's new headquarters might look like and we think that the proposal from the architects at PLH and Nordland hits the spot when it comes to our values and our request for an innovative design that focuses on user-friendliness and sustainability. We are looking forward to this collaboration, where together with PLH/Nordland and with input from our employees, we will jointly set the framework for our future place of work.”

- Søren Halbye, Group CEO of DLF

The new headquarters will be centrally located on a scenic plot of land at Kildedal Bakke in Egedal Municipality near the S-train and motorway, making it easy to get to and from the building, which will accommodate approximately 100 employees.

To take advantage of the site's level differences and ensure a natural harmony with the landscape and surroundings, the building's floors will be staggered so that they follow the hilly terrain. Further down the line, it will be examined how the green areas can be utilized in the best possible way, taking into account wishes from the local community.

Headquarters based on DLF's values

Four different design studios participated in the competition to design the future headquarters. Among the reasons why the judges selected the PLH/Nordland proposal for the project are:

“It is a sustainable building with a strong narrative that reflects DLF's values. The treatment of the terrain and how this becomes a built landscape, which characterizes the building's interior atmosphere and outdoor areas around the building, is both simple and convincing. The materials, spaciousness and use of daylight are convincing both inside and out. Overall, it is a project that fulfills DLF's requests extremely well.”