City hall, Hjortespring

With its flexible functions and adaptable interiors, Hjortespring City Hall is a natural hub for the municipality’s citizens, able to both accommodate the area’s current clubs, associations and social groups. A simple building that transforms itself from an interdisciplinary workplace by day to an attractive setting for community life after hours.




Hjortespring, Herlev, Denmark


2020 – 2023




2,000 m²


Herlev Municipality


Engineer: VITA
Contractor: Hoffmann

Parking spaces




A city hall for everyone

The city hall has been planned to include public services and offers. The main entrance opens into the building’s lively atrium with an impressive interior and a double-height ceiling. The city hall is simply and logically organized around the atrium, which provides an ideal mix of daylight, views and access to outdoor spaces.

The work zones are shielded from the square to offer the public the opportunity to use the building outside of normal working hours. This ensures that Hjortespring City Hall can function as a "Citizens’ House" around the clock, all year round. Citizens and partners are always welcome to visit, and the city hall stands as an open, transparent meeting place for the town.

The council chamber – the most important arena for local democracy – inhabits a distinct location on the corner facing the outdoor garden and its large glass sections signal transparency in the political process while offering a beautiful view of nature and easy access to outdoor areas. Informally furnished with flexible, non-attached furniture pieces, the space can also be opened towards the canteen, presenting nearly endless possibilities. On summer days, the glass sections can be opened up towards the garden and terrace, incorporating the outdoor space. Thus, the chamber is designed to accommodate a host of different events.

Søren Mølbak
T: +45 2720 0591

Green and inclusive urban spaces

Hjortespring City Hall is embedded in the surrounding park, Dildhaven. The building and the garden are surrounded by green areas, resulting in beautiful, comfortable spaces with lush and growing biodiversity.

The green park lane merges with the diverse planting of the plaza and the greenish shades of the façade, creating an attractive and inclusive urban space with ideal conditions for visits, activities and exercise.


Focus on flexibility and sustainability

In a time of continuous change and renewal, the city hall of the future must more than anything be able to offer a flexible framework and diverse possibilities to meet as yet unknown future needs without difficulty. Based on a vision of readiness for change, the Hjortespring City Hall is a pleasant working environment that inspires creative, interdisciplinary collaboration and democratic development. A meeting place for citizens and employees, municipality and partners, past and future, town and building.

The floorplan has been designed with a well-founded, flexible and all-purpose layout, which can be rearranged according to work tasks, working methods and clients’ wishes. The house’ 85 workspaces, located on the 1st floor in an adaptable row along the facade, provide optimal access to natural light and air. At the same time, the workspaces can be freely furnished, and some have been arranged as shared workstations to accommodate employees who only perform desk work for shorter periods.

Throughout construction, sustainability has been a top priority. Green solutions such as energy-efficient lighting, solar shading, climate screens and solar cells on the roofs help make Hjortespring City Hall a green, vibrant and future-proof house – ready to meet citizens’ wishes and tomorrow’s needs.