Bruun & Hjejle, workplace design, Copenhagen

Modern Law Offices in Historic Buildings of High Architectural Quality


  • Workplace design
  • Corporate


Copenhagen, Denmark


2009 – 2011




8,100 m²


The Carlyle Group

The characteristic ”Telefonhus” (Telephone-House) in Nørregade, Copenhagen, is restored, refurbished and transformed into head office for the law firm Bruun & Hjejle.

In the new office environment, modern and classic ideas interact in bright rooms, accented by the heritage details of the architecture. The renovation comprises the transformation of 8,100 m² into contemporary, modern office facilities. The building, designed by the architects Fritz Koch and Jens Ingwersen in 1900-09, has an interesting architecture and history, and tells a story about construction in the early 1900s, as well as the development of the telephone.

Paulette Christophersen
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The new lawyers offices include work areas with internal meeting rooms, VIP meeting rooms, library, reception area and lounge, and secondary facilities such as restrooms/changing rooms with showers, archives, and other depots. The original and massive stone pillars in the canteen are preserved and have their ornamentation intact – giving the room a special character with associations to its past. Light walls and ceilings, together with a subtle and modern furnishing, highlight the distinctive pillars and emphasize the atmosphere of 'new and old' living together. New infrastructure is discretely integrated throughout the complex, including electrical, IT, heating, cooling and ventilation installations.

PLH acted both as a full service consultant for the building owner, The Carlyle Group, in connection with the overall renovation, and as architectural consultant for Bruun & Hjejle in connection with the design of the offices. The interior design was undertaken in collaboration with Sharon Fisher, Interior & Product Design.

Prior to the final selection of ”Telefonhus”, PLH undertook building analysis of a total of 7 properties as potential locations for Bruun & Hjejle.