Amager Centre

Integration of city life and shopping


  • Urban
  • Retail


Amager, Copenhagen






34,700 m²


Danica Pension and DEAS Ejendomsadministration

Parking spaces


Amager shopping centre is housed within a complex of buildings that was formerly a factory site, and representative of pure industrial architecture from the 1940’s. Today the centre appears tired and run down, and does not have a practical flow or clear identity.

The redevelopment provides an invigorated image founded on the strength and purity of the original architectural expression. The decorative, effect elements that were applied to the facade in 2008 are stripped, and all buildings are painted in a unifying white colour.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

In addition to the more technical / physical refurbishments, the ambition of the project is to change Amager Centre’s identity from a closed, introverted centre to an open structure in harmony with the area’s character complements. The proposal reinforces its uniqueness and attractiveness and position Amagercentret as the district’s commercial and cultural centre and locomotive.

The yard is made more intimate, via new extensions. Geometricaly the courtyard is made a smaller rectangular so that it does not seem so planned and predictable.
The new buildings are built from polished bricks, so the architecture is preserved and enhanced. It’s about space and atmosphere and therefore it is important that all facades are open and welcoming; but also tactile.

In respect of the surrounded architecture, we have designed a cosy courtyard with a vibrant atmosphere. Here, the residents of the area can meet. The facades of the building are light, welcoming and tactile. By using the new extension in the design, the courtyard becomes simple and less rectangular. This approach establishes an intimate and welcoming environment where users want to stay for a longer time.

- Jesper Spager, Senior Project Leader, PLH Arkitekter