We have been chosen to participate in the competition of 'The new SIMAC - the maritime educational institution of the future'

In a team with PRAKSIS Architects and Architect Kirstine Jensen PLH has been chosen to participate in the competition to design a new maritime educational institution in Svendborg: 'The new SIMAC'.

Through the architectural competition the Foundation Svendborg Maritime Educational Centre (SMUC) wishes to create a framework for the maritime educational and knowledge centre in Svendborg. The architectural competition is based on The new SIMAC's significance as the determining factor in the transformation of the harbour of Svendborg - and on how the buildings can be designed and incorporated in the maritime heritage environment and at the same time connected to central Svendborg.

A total of 30 teams applied for participation in the competition - 4 teams were selected. The three other teams are:

- COBE ApS with Learning Spaces v/Winie Ricken as a consultant
- C.F. Møller A/S with EFFEKT ApS as subconsultant
- Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S with Rolvung and Brøndsted Arkitekter ApS and BOGL ApS landskabsarkitekter as subconsultants