The transformation of Glostrup Shoppingcenter gets approval

PLH Arkitekter is designing the transformation of Glostrup Shoppingcenter, which includes new homes. Glostrup municipality has approved the plans, and the project is expected to be finished in 2027.

Creating a vibrant city center from scratch

Alongside a project team of Raundahl & moesby, OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører and Vesterholts Eftf., PLH Arkitekter will be renovating Glostrup Shoppingcenter and transforming it into a lively, integrated part of Glostrup's new downtown—a magnetic focal point that attracts people, activities, and life like never before.

Today, Glostrup stands in the shadow of a city center that fails to attract residents and curious visitors alike. The area around Glostrup Station appears more dull than dynamic, and a plan has been made for the revitalization of the whole area. It includes PLH Arkitekter’s transformation of Glostrup Shoppingcenter, which will make it the beating heart of Glostrup's new, pulsating downtown.

The vision extends beyond a shopping center, as new housing built above the center will contribute to the densification of the area and the creation of a lively, diverse urban environment. Environmentally friendly solutions are integrated into the design of both the center and housing, while the transformation of the surroundings, that sometimes may feel a bit exposed, helps ensure a higher degree of social sustainability for the entire area.

Glostrup's new gathering point

Visitors to the new Glostrup Shoppingcenter can look forward to a varied palette of experiences that go beyond the usual shopping trip. Arriving from the Banegårdspladsen square, they will be greeted by an attractive environment in the south-facing edge zone, where the wide sidewalk invites relaxation, and facilities such as cafes and a food court become new meeting spots for the city's residents. Rustic materials and high ceilings create an urban universe inside the center, and by letting in light and air, the center goes from sterile and confined to a place where life unfolds. The use of bricks draws the city in, making Glostrup Shoppingcenter a natural part of the urban core.

A shopping center opening up to its city

Facades and entrances will receive an elegant makeover all around. The front facing Glostrup's main street, currently unwelcoming, will soon feature large glass panels and a welcoming overhang. In the southern end, a new edge zone focused on food and cafe experiences creates a dynamic, lively environment on the street. Here, organic shapes, vertical elements, and reddish hues in the facade contribute to giving the area a warm and inviting aura. The entrances at Glostrup Torv and Lilletorv also receive a facelift, as does the long and previously closed facade facing Jernbanevej, which will now open itself to the colorful houses and shops on the other side of the street.

A unique combination of homes and shopping center

As one of the project's most significant and innovative elements, PLH Arkitekter is designing 187 brand new homes, including youth housing, to be built on top of the existing building structure. Sustainability is a focus in the design of the homes, which, owing to their location, contribute to densifying downtown Glostrup and attracting life and activity to the shopping center. Architecturally, attention has been paid to breaking down scales and using a variety of colors and facades. The result is a lively, human expression that harmonizes with the rest of the area's buildings and gives it a more urban character. The building scales down towards Jernbanevej so as to not dominate the older, low houses on that street.

Green and social considerations

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions are integrated throughout the transformation of Glostrup Shoppingcenter. PLH Arkitekter aims for a DGNB Gold certification and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for the new homes. Residents and visitors can look forward to lush green areas and improved bicycle parking, making it attractive to choose to cycle instead of going by car. Safe entrances and exciting urban environments replace the run-down surroundings around the center, contributing to a better and more socially sustainable urban environment. Overall, this helps ensure that the revitalized center has a long lifespan—for the enjoyment of visitors, the local community, and the residents of Glostrup.

The project is currently in the planning phase and is expected to be completed in 2027.