PLH qualified for the expansion of Terminal 2 in Copenhagen Airport

PLH are together with COWI and JFP, pre-qualified in the Turnkey contract competition, of the expansion of Copenhagen Airports´ ‘ATEW’ – in Terminal 2 .

In 2015, the airport had more than 26.6 million passengers visiting. Over the coming decades, the airport plans to expand the airport, in order to be able to handle 40 million passengers annually. The extension of the Terminal 2 of about 4000 m2, will focus on increasing the commercial area in Copenhagen Airport Shopping Center, and to create a greater passenger flow area that can handle the increased passenger number.

PLH has already designed the previous expansion of Terminal 2 in the’ T2 EAST’ project in 2011. We are now hoping to be allowed the chance, to transform Copenhagen Airports´ vision into stimulating shopping experiences and smooth travel flow for the visitors, with our design.