PLH Fodbold brings Denmark’s architectural studios together again – Sweco wins the trophy

PLH Fodbold is back after being canceled due to COVID-19 for two years. The tournament, which brings together hundreds of people from architectural studios in Denmark, was won this year by Sweco.

Once a year, PLH Arkitekter invites Denmark’s architectural studios for a one-day football tournament. Cancelled twice due to COVID-19, this Friday we were finally able to once again gather more than 600 people to socialize and strengthen cohesion throughout the business and across professions… and of course find the winner of PLH Fodbold 2022!

This year, Sweco could raise the trophy after defeating BIG in the final match.

“It has been amazing to see everyone together again. While competition on the pitch is fierce, there is nothing but joy of reunion, talks, hugs and social relations across studios and professions as soon as the football boots are off. I am so happy to see the growing support for PLH Fodbold, and while wishing Sweco a big congratulations with this year’s trophy, I would like to thank all of the sponsors and participating studios,” says Jesper Fogd Spager, Senior Project Leader and organizer of PLH Fodbold.

Danske Byggeøkonomer, HAY, Louis Poulsen, Gerflor and Ankerdals Rammer.

Arkitema, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Henning Larsen, EFFEKT, Sweco, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, SHL - Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, BIG, Mangor & Nagel, Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, Christensen & Co architects, Holscher Nordberg, Zeso Architects, JJW Arkitekter, CTS, H+, 3XN/GXN, RUBOW arkitekter, Dorte Mandrup, Pålsson Arkitekter AS, SJL, Nykker's Arkitekter.