PLH Arkitekter wins multi-million kroner framework agreement with Copenhagen Municipality

PLH Arkitekter, together with consulting engineering company Bang & Beenfeldt as sub-consultants, has won a major framework agreement with Københavns Ejendomme og Indkøb. This is a sub-agreement out of a total of four under one overall framework agreement, to which the municipality is expected to allocate a total of approx. DKK 250 million until 2024.

For the next two years, PLH Arkitekter and Bang & Beenfeldt will advise the Copenhagen Municipality on many of the municipality's major construction projects. This has just been announced as the municipality published the winners of four sub-agreements, of which PLH Arkitekter and Bang & Beenfeldt won the agreement relating to major projects.

"We have received excellent news from the Copenhagen Municipality. At PLH Arkitekter, we have built a unique expertise over several decades when it comes to extensive and complex construction projects. And we are incredibly happy and honored that we now get the chance to use this experience to contribute to the development of Denmark's capital,” says Claus Johannesen, senior project manager, PLH Arkitekter.

The agreement states that PLH Arkitekter and Bang & Beenfeldt will act as advisors on construction projects that have individual contract sums of more than DKK 7 million. The projects are also divided between Rambøll and Klaus Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma, which too have a part in the agreement.

The other three sub-agreements under the framework agreement with the Copenhagen Municipality relate to construction projects with individual contract sums of less than or up to DKK 7 million. All the agreements run over the next two years with the possibility of extension, and the Copenhagen Municipality expects to earmark a total of approx. DKK 250 million for this purpose.