Beautiful Apartments at Indiakaj, Copenhagen - see photos of the project

In Copenhagen's old Frihavn near Kastellet and Langelinie PLH has designed 23 new residential apartments.

Indiakaj is characterized by buildings from the early 1900s with compact red brick buildings with slate-carved saddle roofs. The new houses are constructed with respect for existing buildings in the old Frihavn, and the many beautiful brickwork features of the older houses are found in the facades of the new houses; roof surfaces are covered with slate, while facades are in red brick in a smooth, connected pattern of bricks.

The new constructions consist of 23 apartments in different sizes, spread over three floors and the roof-area. The shape of the rooftops is asymmetrical and adapts to the scale of the neighbouring buildings. The wall surfaces are varied and have large facade sections and windows in oak trees, as well as balconies that open the apartments up to the city, the harbour thus emphasizing the unique location of the building. See the entire project description here.