Hannemanns Alle

Dynamic residential buildings with welcoming courtyard


  • Urban
  • Living


Ørestaden, Copenhagen


2016 -


Under implementation


10,900 m²


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PLH has designed this 10,900 m², 107 unit residential project as a 13 m deep block, open to one side, with heights varying from 12 m on the southern end of the site to 34 m on the north.

Facades are clad in light glazed brick with suspended balconies in a dynamic pattern to give the building depth and character. All apartments are equipped with a minimum of 1 balcony with eastern, western or southern exposure. Access to the buildings is made through stairways entered from the courtyard. At each entrance the facade is clad with timber louvres to provide the building with a warm and welcoming appearance.

The courtyard is surrounded by residential buildings on three sides, and bordered on the west by a series of bicycle sheds that mark the transition between public and semi-private zones.

Lars Toksvig
+ 45 2720 0595