Cultural Center in Helsingør

Playful additions of a series of new building blocks reinforces the lively expression and creativity of the location and adds new space to the existing structure








Competition proposal


13,000 m²


Municipality of Helsingør

The straightforward and playful addition of a series of new building blocks to the former shipyard, gives the new cultural centre in Helsingør a lively expression and reinforces the creativity of the location. The project is based on the expansion and regeneration of the former spaces in tact with changing needs. Adding boxes of new space to the existing structure creates a composite building mass, which is essential for experiencing the city as varied and lively. The infusion of cultural activity to the abandoned shipyard can be seen as a continuation of its former vitality.

The copper-clad additions project out like new building blocks on the old structure, and are of a character, material type and colour that set the existing heavy redbrick buildings into perspective. The additions are placed within, above and crisscrossing the former boundaries of the shipyard.

Ole Jonsson
+ 45 2720 0590

The density of the buildings is a significant feature of the current area – and it allows people to meet and collaborate across professions, groups and institutions. The further development of the shipyard continues the concept of expanding with new cultural building blocks attached to the former structure. A common space in the shape of a street cuts through the dens building mass, consisting of cultural initiatives and organisations, creating a main axis. The axis and two transverse passages draw light into the buildings and provide a clear overview for the users of the centre.

The proposal was awarded 2nd prize in an open international competition.