Senior Partner, Steen Enrico talked at the Orgatec event ‘WORK TO GO’ about how companies create a work environment that appeals to the new Generation Z - soon to entering the labour market.

In 2025, 75 percent of the Danish workforce will be people in the Generation Y (born 1977-95) and Generation Z (born 1996-2015). To attract the generations as new employees, the companies must create attractive and healthy environments, influenced by different ways of working.


The German company AIT Dialog and Steelcase invited Steen Enrico to the event ‘WORK TO GO’, which was held in Cologne. The theme was “The freedom to work when and where you like”, regarding how the companies attract and meet the demands of new employees from Generation Y and Generation Z.

The Y Generation wants to change the world and have a flexible working schedule. Their leaders should be more like a mentor than a traditional boss. The generation wants to work in a company where it is all about teamwork rather than individual competition. It is important for them to have a large network of friends at their workplace.

The new Generation Z prefers order and structure and they prefer to work independently. Coming from modern study-environments, Generation Z are used to work in different zones, designed to appeal and support different work-styles. Although, they prefer to have their own desk. This means, that companies can replace their open offices with mixed designs that support different work-styles. Generation Z wants a free-flow environment that supports their individual needs, so that they can do their job by choosing surroundings where they can be most productive in relation to given task.

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“Techno-Stress” is a serious problem amongst Generation Y and Z. They take for granted that workplaces have a healthy physical and mental working environment because they expect that there is a “play-zone”, sports facilities and quiet places with room for meditation and contemplation”
- Steen Enrico Andersen

Steen has many years of experience in Workplace Design, which is about creating working environments that support different ways of working.