PLH Strategy Day 2019– A vision for the future

Last Friday, PLH held a strategy day for all 90 employees at Danish Architecture Center in BLOX, Copenhagen. It was an eventful day with inspiring talks and lively discussions about the future of PLH, and the broader architectural profession.

Last Friday, PLH held a strategy day for its 90 enthusiastic employees at BLOX in central Copenhagen. CEO Søren Mølbak started the day by setting the scene, outlining the current situation in the architectural profession. Danish architecture is renowned worldwide for a holistic and humanistic design approach that creates an optimal framework for human activity and aesthetic expression. However, structural changes underway in the industry, including mergers and acquisitions, rigid tendering conditions and new contractual forms, are reducing design and creativity to a service on par with plumbing and power supply. Danish architecture risks losing its strong international position if the role of architecture becomes a technical discipline within large engineering companies and other “full-service” providers. As a consequence, architects and PLH will no longer be able to do what they do best: provide holistic and personal advice using design and architecture to create sustainable solutions to our clients’ complex challenges.

PLH is not merely a service provider. Design is a fundamental value for PLH, and we passionately believe in the fact that design can change the world. We are a value-creating advisor, and our open and inclusive culture underpins our ability to realize our client’s visions and ambitions, and ultimately improve quality of life and overall wellbeing.

In the future, we foresee an even greater demand for the value creation that a pure design company like PLH can deliver. PLH is an independent, trusted advisor that collaborates across all parties. Our committed and talented employees critically synthesise this collaboration into creative design solutions that impact positively on people and strengthen our client’s identity. PLH’s future remains here.

”It has been important for the leadership team to gather all PLH-employees and give them the opportunity to focus on discussing and formulating wishes for our future. We highly value the input we have received today – both regarding the strengths of our company and ideas for the future, as well as each individual’s desire to contribute to our development. The partner group has great respect for the knowledge, skills and competences of our employees. They are the ones that represent who we are to our clients. At the same time they have to feel ownership and support changes and new initiatives.”

- Paulette Christophersen.

A large part of Strategy Day was spent in workshops where smaller groups of employees discussed PLH’s strengths and DNA, as well as wishes for the future of the company. The business executive Anders Høiris was moderator and facilitated the day. There were lively group discussions and plenum presentations about how to face the present challenges by cultivating talent, developing specialist knowledge and new technologies. At the same time, PLH has to be brave and ambitious, and use its unique personality to guide clients to the very best solutions.

In the afternoon, there was an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation about branding and story-telling. The outcomes from Strategy Day will be structured into working groups and initiatives to drive further development of PLH whilst preserving the unique company culture – “The PLH Spirit”.

Baris Yakaboylu, Executive Vice President Adtomic

Paulette Christophersen, Partner PLH Arkitekter