Harboe Visitors Centre – a worthy place to visit

The 28th of September, Harboe Visitors Centre in Skælskør was awarded a prize by the municipality of Slagelse. The selection committee chose to emphasize the way the new Visitor Centre interprets and strengthens the existing Harboe buildings. The Visitor Centre provides new inspiring meeting rooms and meeting points on the edge of the city and water.

“From the waterside, the brewery’s administration and representation rooms create a unifying framework around the underlying production facilities. The new Visitor Centre is connected to Harboe’s existing administrative buildings and the reception, offices, auditorium, exhibition and meeting rooms are now all gathered under one roof. The facade facing the water unites and completes the volume of the industrial plant with “the ad-hoc structure” and adds a new dynamic with its own splendid expression – especially with the movement of the triangular, spiky roof aiming against both the water and sky. It is definitely worth a visit, not only for Harboe, but for the entire city.”
- John Dyrby Paulsen, Mayor of the municipality of Slagelse

”We are thrilled to receive the award for the exciting landmark project for Harboe Brewery.”
- Søren Mølbak, CEO and Partner, PLH Arkitekter

The Award

Since 1988, Slagelse Municipality has awarded architecture in and around Slagelse City. Besides the honoured mention, the award includes a bronze plate to decorate the building and a diploma to the client and the architect, acknowledging their accomplishment. By awarding Harboe Visitor Centre, the Municipality wishes to increase the interest in creating architecture and inspire to design extraordinary buildings and urban spaces.

A significant landmark

The Visitors Centre is a significant landmark for the brewery because of its unique location in Skælskør’s maritime surroundings. The centre connects existing administration buildings and merges with the dense waterfront environment to accentuate the character of the site. All Harboe’s activities are gathered in this house as an international platform locally anchored in a building that represents Harboe.