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Health, Medico, Labs, Industrial, Client Advisory

The provision of design services for the health and technology sector is particularly specialised, and often needing to fulfil extremely stringent performance and regulatory demands. At PLH, we have a competency team that has worked together over 4 generations to deliver expertise to many global leaders in the pharma, med-tech, bio-tech and healthcare industries.

It is an area under constant innovation and development, with many new technologies and processes emerging. The foundation of our ongoing success is our integration of the technical, production and logistical needs, with the optimisation of the workplace design that underpins the efficiency of these unique sites.

Another service specialisation where PLH has leading expertise is in Client Advisory. PLH has been instrumental in the creation of the some of the most significant projects in Scandinavia over the past decade. We were responsible for the vision formulation, programming, process planning and interior design of the City for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN organisations, and provided the same services to the Danish Broadcasting Commission (DR) for the development of DR Byen. We are experts in managing user involvement processes in large, complex organisations and transforming the inputs into valuable and enduring qualities in the resulting architecture.

For further information, please contact:

Kirsten Herup Søvang
Associate, Architect
+45 5141 2859

Ole Jonsson
Partner and architect
+45 2720 0590

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