St. Jacobs

The revitalisation and transformation in a historic part of the city connects original facades with new structures - creating a modern unity.


  • Urban
  • Corporate


Vilnius, Lithuania


2016 - 2019




6,000 m² historical buildings + 16,000 m² hotel


Lords LB Asset Management


UAB Archinova, Cavarion, ASDproject UAB

In Vilnius' historic center, which is a world heritage site, lies the protected St. Jacobs hospital complex, which has stood vacant for some years. The old hospital buildings are situated on the river Neris. nearby st. Philip and st. Jacobs church, and a monastery settlement from the 17th century, restored after the Soviet era and in current use.
In response to the site’s historical context, the hospital buildings from 1799 are transformed, linking the old part of the site to an office complex that will host start-up companies and provide the basis for a revitalization of the area.

Architecturally, the new office building respects the historical hospital by having a single expressed facade, in contrast to the numerous facades that feature on the hospital. Furthermore, the original hospital facades are preserved in an eclectic mix, where the old is surrounded by new structures and tied together into a modern design, forming the framework for a creative office environment.

Situated on one of Vilnius’ main streets, and perpendicular to the new office structure, sits a new-build hotel – to be realized using the same simple architectural language. The collective of the historic hospital, the churches and monastery, and the new-built additions, come together to create a courtyard, giving greenery and a new lease of life to the area.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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