Residential development on Indiakaj

New residential housing development respecting the scale of the sorrounding neighbourhood






2011 - 2017




2,900 m²


Lars Kragh Consult & PLH

The new residential development lies on Indiakaj in Copenhagen’s former Freeport area, amidst historic red brick buildings, rich in detail and close to the star fortress The Citadel (Kastellet) and Langelinie waterfront.

The project is designed in three blocks, integrated with respect for the original planning grid of the area, characterized by straight lines and angles.

The project is comprised of 23 apartment units dispersed over 3 stories and the roof area. The characteristic black slate roofs provide an asymmetric profile which blend in with the eves of the adjacent buildings.

Eline Leiser
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The buildings’ compact form and brick clad facades are interrupted by large windows and balconies to draw light into the apartments, and offer views to the historic sourroundings. Patterned brickwork is featured in large sections of the facades to provide a variety of texture and to emphasize variation in materials.

All buildings in the area speak the same language, but with a 100 year time gap, where the common idioms are red brick, black slate roofs, large surfaces, asymmetry and fondness for detail.